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The Woodlands at Houston Lamar - 2021 Week 2 Football Highlights

Houston Lamar hosting the Woodlands last night at Delmar Stadium

Low scoring affair on this night. The Highlanders JoBarre (Jo Bear) Reed takes the handoff and works his way to the end zone for a 25 yard score. The Woodlands up 7-0 in the first quarter.

Second quarter, how about this nice pass from the Texans Kenneth Rosenthal to Zachary Green to tie the score at 7 going into the half.

3rd quarter, Highlander Quarterback Mabry Mettauer (Met-tower) drags defenders into the end zone on this 16 yard keeper. The Woodlands up 17-7

And thanks to a solid defensive effort, that would be the final score. The Woodlands are now 2-0 with the 17-7 win.