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Aldine Eisenhower at Spring Dekaney - 2021 Week 10 Football Highlights

DeKaney hosting Eisenhower needing only a win to make the post season.

However, the Eagles had other plans early on. Check out this trick play. Zaccheus (Zuh-key-us) Henry throws it to Ryan Niblett and Niblett would then go deep to Anthony Fleming who makes the over the shoulder catch setting up a score. Eisenhower up 9-0.

The Wildcats would then get it together. Jay'Lynn Thompson on the ground has nothing but room up the middle. 55 yard touchdown for the senior and Dekaney is up 20-9.

2nd half, Jaiden Robertson gets the handoff and goes 15 yards for the easy score. Dekaney is playoff bound with the 49-17 win.