Alvin at Pearland Dawson - 2021 Week 9 Football Highlights

(Nats ""Let's hit em in the mouth then hit em in the mouth and then hit em in the mouth again"")

If there was any mouth hitting early on it would be Dawson doing the hitting on Alvin in this one.

Eagles scored twice on the ground in the first quarter,. Here Tony Roberson (Row-berson) takes it in from the 3. 14-0 Dawson.

Yellow Jackets did not hang their heads. This is Trevor Bockel (Bawk-ul) running the option and pitching to Daniel Blume at the last second, but Blume hits the sideline and scores on the 18 yard score to make it 14-7.

Later 2nd quarter, Colin Johnson to Ashton Stroman and Stroman just making the Alvin defenders look silly on these moves. It's a 38 yard score. 21-7 Eagles

Just before half, Brock Burgess goes 20 yards right up the middle and Dawson was up at the break 28-7.

Up two scores in the 3rd, the Eagles would finish things off through the air. Johnson to Stroman on the quick out and there goes Stroman again. That's a 79 yard touchdown run down the sidelines. Dawson takes this one 35-21.