Manvel vs Dickinson - 2021 Week 1 Football Highlights

Dickinson taking on Manvel and there's last week's bobblehead winner, Donovan Green, getting ready for the Gators

Second quarter, Demonte Seymore goes in for the 10 yard score for Manvel and the Mavs lead 16-6.

But check out Luke Martin on the QB keeper for Dickinson....what blocking as Martin goes 67 yards untouched to the house. Wow. 16-13 deficit for the Gators

Not to be outdone, Ty Harris takes the handoff and switches directions when he sees the hole open up. That's a 31 yard touchdown for the Maverick running back. 23-13.

I tell you what, that Gator O-line loves opening holes for their quarterback. Martin goes 11 yards on the keeper here.

Manvel lining up for a field goal at the end of the half, but it's blocked right into the hands of defensive lineman Kaleb Walker who has nothing but green green grass ahead of him. Dickinson goes into the half up 27-23.

We pick this up with four minutes to play and Seymore with some tough running to score from the 8 and Manvel leads 42-38.

But with just under 2 to play, Martin drops the ball on the fake, picks it up and chucks it to a wide open Layton Paul for a 17 yard score. 45-42 with just under 2 to play

Mavericks line up for a 24 yard field goal, but it's wide right with no time left. Gators win a thriller 45-42