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Atascocita vs Summer Creek - 2021 Week 7 Football Highlights

Atascocita had their hands full with Summer Creek last night

No Gavin Session, so sophomore Zion Brown took over the quarterback duties and he had the right strategy....throw it to Chase Sowell....This is a 80 yard pass play and the Eagles would lead 14-9 at the half.

Under 5 min left in the game, the Bulldogs trailed 21-16, but Cory Nichols scores on the keeper and after the two point conversion Summer Creek is thinking upset as they lead 24-21.

Last play of the game, Atascocita lines up for a 39 yard field goal and Usef E-bruh-HEEM knocks it right down the middle. We're heading to overtime tied at 24.

After Summer Creek doesn't score, Tyras Winfield runs it up the middle for 2 yard score and the Eagles pull it out 30-24.