Inside High School Sports Houston | Katy Morton Ranch at Katy Paetow…

Katy Morton Ranch at Katy Paetow - 2021 Week 2 Football Highlights

Legacy Stadium was the site for this Katy I-S-D matchup and the Panthers made little doubt about who was going to win this one.

First quarter, Paetow at their own 30 and the handoff goes to Jacob Brown and he's gone. You can call him Downtown Jacob Brown because that's going to be a 70 yard house call to put the Panthers up 7.

Paetow is known for their defense and they showed why in the second quarter. Watch this ridiculous one handed pick by Kentrell Webb...WOW

More offense now, Brown was still a little hungry so the Panther kept feeding him. Nice moves here on a 51 yard jaunt to the end zone putting Paetow up 21-0.

Finally, E J Dumas shovels one to Cole Wilson. Looks like he's going down, but wait a second, he uses his hand and the ball to keep his balance and then heads to the house. Paetow would lead 40-0 and finish off Morton Ranch, 43-14.