Jersey Village at Langham Creek - 2021 Week 2 Football Highlights

He's right about that....Langham Creek vs Jersey Village was quite a game. First quarter, Seth Johnson to Jaquaize (Ja-queez) Pettaway and check out the moves on this run after catch. That's a 70 yard score putting the Lobos up 7-0.

But hang on, here comes Jersey Village. Rashon Estes takes a beating on the way to this 8 yard touchdown run. That's some tough running. Falcons up 17-14.

Then Arbie Carter to Brandon Phan for a 19 yard touchdown pass. Falcons now lead 24-21 in the 3rd.

Lobos get the lead back when Maurice Evans takes it straight up the gut for a 40 yard score and now Langham Creek is up 28-24.

But with 1 minute left, Estes busts it in from the 2 and Jersey Village pulls it out with a 31-28 win.