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Dickinson at Fort Bend Ridge Point - 2021 Week 2 Football Highlights

Battle of the undefeated as Dickinson visited Ridge Point Thursday night.

Big night for the Panther signal caller, Bert Emmanuel Jr. Here he goes in from 5 yards out. 6-0 Ridge Point.

Gators would take the lead back when Luke Martin goes in on the 2 yard keeper putting Dickinson up 7-6.

But Emmanuel was magnificent. Especially on the ground as he pushes through a hole up the middle and once he gets through the first layer of defense, he's outta here. That's a 70 yard touchdown run. 13-7 Ridge Point.

4th quarter, Panthers clinking to a one score lead and there goes Emmanuel again, he cuts it to the sideline and that's another 75 yard run to the end zone. Emmanuel goes for 239 yards on the night as Ridge Point hangs on to the 42-36 win.