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Tomball at Conroe Oak Ridge - 2021 Week 4 Football Highlights

The Cougars came out ready to light up another scoreboard at Woodforest Bank Stadium

Quarterback Cale Hellums (Hel-ums) with the screen to Derrick Taylor who waits for his opening and he's out of here. 45 yards to the house and it's 7-0 Tomball.

2nd quarter, Hellums wants to show off the arm a bit more. Sees his man, Taylor, again and hits him on the run. That's a 55 yard touchdown and Tomball is up 14-0.

13 seconds left in the half and watch Hellums....a little Houdini action to avoid the rush and then rolls out and throws off the back foot, 17 yards to Hayden Oren. 21-0 at the half.

The War Eagles would cut it to 24-13 in the second half. Here Frankie Arthur goes in from the 2 but it wasn't enough. Tomball is 4-0 with the 38-13 win.