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Summer Creek vs Galena Park North Shore - 2021 Week 8 Football Highlights

Summer Creek had the daunting task of slowing down the North Shore Mustangs.

We pick this up in the second quarter, Mustangs up 10-0....that's the freshman, Kaleb Bailey in the Wildcat and he uses the stiff arm and some sweet moves to score on the 54 yard touchdown. 17-0.

Later 2nd quarter, Wyndell Mitchell at quarterback and he has enough time to go deep....real deep....that's a 66 yard touchdown pass to David Amador and North Shore was up 24-3.

2nd half, Damon Ford gets the handoff, goes left side to the sideline and is untouched for a 67 yard touchdown. North Shore wins it 45-16 and will take on CE King next week.