Shadow Creek at Pearland Dawson - 2023 Week 9 Football Highlights

Absolutely incredible ending to the 23-6A battle between Shadow Creek and Pearland Dawson.

Such a great ending, let's pick it up in overtime. Dawson scored to go up 17-10, Sharks chance and Cobey Sellers dumps off the short pass to Alex Kirkland who easily scores and we are going to double overtime tied at 17.

Shadow Creek gets the ball first, and Sellers lobs one up to Ashton Jones who makes a great catch for the score. Sharks had to go for 2, but missed it.

So Dawson needs to score, and Gage Greene dumps a screen to Braylon Howard and he finds his way to the house on this tough run. Game tied at 23.

Eagles have to go for 2 but Greene underthrows his receiver and it's picked off by Aaden Benjamin and before you start thinking we're going triple overtime, Benjamin decides to try and end way he's going 99 yards is he? is he???? he starts losing his footing at the 5, but manages to dive in just barely for the game winning 2 point conversion....Oh my, what a finish. Shadow Creek wins it 25-23 in dramatic fashion

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