Inside High School Sports Houston | Sealy vs Bellville - 2021 Week 8…

Sealy vs Bellville - 2021 Week 8 Football Highlights

Sealy went into this one without star quarterback D'vonne Hmeliewski and they sure could've used him.

Former bobblehead winner, Richard Reese had another huge game. Here he scores from the 8 to put the Bray mas up 7-0.

Later first quarter, Reese on the sweep to the right and he's going to score from 17 yards out. 14-0 Bellville. Are you sensing a theme yet?

The Tigers have Bellville pinned at the 1 so Reese can't do any damage there, right? WRONG!!! He Gone!!! Players were so excited on this 99 yard touchdown that they knocked our cameraman around a bit, but the result was the same. Another Reese t-d. 21-0 Bellville.

You know last week Reese broke the Bellville all time scoring record which was set in 1938....tonight he just piled on. 5 more touchdowns and 214 yards on just 15 carries for the Baylor commit. Bellville takes down Sealy 42-7.