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Richmond Foster at Angleton - 2021 Week 9 Football Highlights

Last playoff spot in 10-5A Division 1 up for grabs as Richmond Foster took on Angleton in what essentially was a play in game.

First quarter, Wildcats get on the board first. That's quarterback Adrian Ewells (you-ulls) on the keep and the stutter step for the 8 yard score. 7-0 Angleton

But Foster would tie it up on the ground as well. Ashton Ojiaku (Oh-gee-UH-koo) finds the hole quickly and with that much space all he has to do is run. Untouched for a 52 yard score to cut the lead to 7-6.

Second quarter, Foster up 15-7 and watch Christopher Gore act like a human pinball machine as he bounces off tacklers for a 6 yard touchdown run. 22-7 Falcons.

Just before half, Ewells scrambling to get out of trouble as he avoids the sack and then hits a wide open Andrae (andre) Rice for the score. Angleton down 22-14 at the break.

Fourth quarter, Angleton down 25-20, Ewells throws a strike across the middle to Rice and Rice would take to the house for the game winning score. Huge win for the Wildcats as they all but punch their tickets to the post season with a 26-25 win.