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Pasadena Dobie at Dickinson - 2021 Week 4 Football Highlights

Pasadena Dobie visited Dickinson and the Longhorns had outscored their previous 3 opponents 188-6

That wouldn't scare the Gators at all. First quarter, Luke Martin on the keeper and he follows his block on the right side. He turns this into a 54 yard touchdown. He accounted for 5 touchdowns on the night.

Dobie would get a little lucky in the second quarter. Trajan (Trey-john) Davis on the pitch, but he coughs it up on the way to the end zone. No problem, Terrand Booker scoops it up and takes it the rest of the way for the score.

This would be the Gators night. Marquis Johnson fields the kickoff in the end he going to down it?...Na.....He's going to take off and boy does he turn on the jets. ""Goodbye my friend, don't forget to write""....that's 100 yard kickoff return and Dickinson coasts to a 48-27 win.