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Montgomery vs Fulshear - 2021 Week 6 Football Highlights

Nice game at Traylor as 4-0 Montgomery took on 4-1 Fulshear

What a night for the Bears Jalen Washington. The Chargers had no one to stop him. Here he hides behind his blocker until he is in the open field. Then it's all speed. 66 yards for the opening score. 7-0 Montgomery.

Down 21-3, Fulshear quarterback Parker Williams on the keeper...spots a hole and kicks it into high gear. That's a 44 yard score and the Chargers cut it to 28-20 at the break.

Opening kickoff of the second half. Check out this play. Jaden Williams receives the kick and starts heading to his right....things aren't really looking good over there so he cuts back the other way and that's when the rest of his blockers show up and escort Williams to the house. 35-20 Bears.

But the story of this game was Washington. Still 3rd, takes the handoff. Runs a little, makes one cut and it's over. 59 yard touchdown run. Washington 299 yards on the night and Montgomery goes to 5-0 for the first time since 2010 with the 52-32 win.