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Magnolia West vs Magnolia - 2021 Week 8 Football Highlights

One of the best rivalries in the state.....Magnolia West vs Magnolia

Second quarter, Mustangs getting the first points in this one as Hunter Bilbo darts to the pilon for a 6 yard touchdown. 7-0 Magnolia West.

Not to be outdone, Magnolia quarterback Russ Choate from the 7 busts a few tackles to reach pay dirt and we're all square at 7.

Bulldogs get the ball back and Choate is has no one open, but his line gave him time to keep looking. Finally he spots Ethan King open for a 50 yard gain.

That sets up sophomore Hunter Andrews from the 3 yard line for the score and this guy has 14 pushups coming as the Bulldogs led 14-7.

2 minutes before halftime and Kai Aroca-Disdier (Uh- ROKE-uh Dis-deer) goes right side for a 16 yard run to the end zone. Halftime and we're all knotted up at 14.

Second half, after a Magnolia West score, the Mustang defense spent the rest of the game just terrorizing Choate in the pocket. Sack after sack as the Bulldogs just couldn't move the ball as Magnolia West takes home the Magnolia Cup with a 21-14 win.