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Klein at Houston Memorial - 2021 Week 3 Football Highlights

2-0 Klein visiting 1-1 Houston Memorial at Tully Stadium.

The Mustangs broke open a 3-3 tie in the second quarter, Chase Goodwin goes up top to Kyle Siblik for a 25 yard score and Memorial is up 10-3 at the break.

Bearkats trying to get things going in the 3rd but Banston Lembcke (lim-Chick) can't get out of the way of Ryan Kearns who brings him down for the the 1.

The Mustangs would get good field position after the punt and Carson Zahn takes advantage with this 25 yard touchdown run to make it 17-3.

The Goodwin to Siblik combination would ice this thing in the fourth with Siblik making an outstanding catch in the back of the end zone. Houston Memorial wins it 31-17