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Katy Paetow at Richmond Foster - 2021 Week 3 Football Highlights

You knew it was going to be a hard fought game when Katy Paetow visited Richmond Foster for their district opener.

Second quarter, Panthers up 6-0 on their own 25, handoff goes to Jacob Brown and it only took a little blocking and that man was gone. 75 yard run to the end zone and Paetow was up 13-0.

I tell you what, Brown was a problem that the Falcons just couldn't solve. Here he breaks free for a 60 yard run down to the 2 yard line where he would later take it in from there.

If you thought Brown was done, well he wasn't. Apparently on his profile page, Jacob Brown says he likes ""long runs at night"" because here he goes again. 89 yards on this one in the 3rd. 18 carries for 294 yards for Brown and more importantly, a 30-14 Paetow win.