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Houston Memorial vs Houston Stratford - 2021 Week 8 Football Highlights

How about the Stratford Spartans....undefeated and tied for the lead in 17-6A as they took on Memorial

First quarter, Dallas Payne takes the handoff and they just can't bring him down until he reaches the goal line. Spartans would later score to go up 7-0.

Second quarter, down 7-3, Mustangs take the's Ethan Spears going right side for 15 yards and a touchdown. 10-7 Memorial

Tied at 10 just before half and here comes Payne again. An 11 yard score and now the Spartans lead 17-10.

In the 3rd quarter, the score is tied up at 17, but Nash Rankin pushes his way in from the 1. Memorial thinks they stopped, but they haven't. 24-17 Stratford.

Late 4th, same score and last chance for the Mustangs. Chase Goodwin hoping to drive Memorial down for the tying score, but his pass falls short and that would do it. Stratford goes to 7-0 with the 24-17 win.