Ganado Has an Excellent Small School Band

With just over 200 students attending small Ganado High School, it would seem difficult to find the numbers to populate a full marching band. But that’s simply not the case for the Tribe Band. There are 94 members….nearly half the students at the school….and despite numerous other activities they participate in, the band members all show up at 7 am every Tuesday thru Thursday to practice their craft. The hard work has paid off. The Ganado Marching Band has qualified for the UIL state marching contest 3 years in a row and have been Area Round champions the past 2 consecutive years. Last year, they missed the state finals by 1 place and it’s been their goal to jump over that hurdle this year. The community has backed the band as well. Every Friday night the boosters provide huge meals for the entire band before games. They also help raise money to get the band members new uniforms and a new trailer to haul their equipment. All this to foster a family type atmosphere for the kids who love being with a group where they fit in. They are a young band this year with a third of the members being freshmen. But don’t let the inexperience fool you. At Ganado, when the Pride of the Tribe hit the field for a competition, they want every other band to pay attention Subscribe to Houston Inside High School Sports to stay up to date on everything high school sports related in the Greater Houston Area! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website: #ihss #txhsfb