Galena Park North Shore at The Woodlands - 2023 Week 1 Football Game of the Week

Willie Gaston is the new Head Coach at North Shore and his first game was a formidable foe in the Highlanders.

The Mustangs are also ecstatic to have Kaleb Bailey back behind center. First pass of the game is this 64 yarder to Terrence Guillory. That sets up Bailey to Cameron Smith for a 8 yard touchdown. North Shore up 7 min just under a minute into the game.

Down 14-0, The Woodlands would score. Mabrey Mettauer goes 32 yards to Shane Walker who catches it falling over. 14-7 the Highlanders trailed.

North Shore would have the lead into the half as Bailey pitches it to D'Andre Hardeman for the 6 yard touchdown. 24-7 Mustangs as they head to intermission.

3rd quarter. North Shore punting....or are they???? It's a fake and it looks like Deion DeBlanc is stopped, but he pitches it back to Kahmani Hudson who gets the first down. Coach Gaston pulling out the tricks.

It leads to a 10 yard touchdown from Bailey to Smith. That's win #1 for Gaston as North Shore takes down the Woodlands 38-17

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