Angleton at Fulshear - 2023 Week 6 Game of the Week

And that's exactly how Fulshear played Thursday night...mean, physical and nasty.

First the mean....and that's the mean offensive lineman who opened up a hole for Zane Smith to score from 5 yards out. 8-0 Chargers.

Then the Patrick Broadway takes the handoff...searches out a hole...absorbs the hit and then breaks to the sidelines for an 80 yard touchdown run and Fulshear would lead 22-0.

Wildcats would finally answer when Elijah Simmons gets across the goal line from 5 yards out but, Angleton still trailed 22-7.

Just before halftime, long-haired Zane Smith at it again with the 4 yard score. 28-7 Fulshear.

Second half, here comes the nasty, as that bruising offensive line was nasty all night...clearing the way for a 14 yard touchdown run for Broadway and Fulshear wins this one 39-7.

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