Fort Bend Ridge Point vs George Ranch - 2021 Week 8 Football Highlights

George Ranch getting ready to let the dogs loose against Ridge Point Thursday night

But it was the Panthers who threw the first punch and as usual it was Bert Emanuel Junior. Pocket collapses and Emanuel takes off for a 23 yard score.

Then, 2nd quarter, Emanuel throws a fade to Wilson Batiste who adjusts his body to make the touchdown catch. 13-0 Ridge Point.

Longhorns get on the board when Cole Murphy rolls out and throw off his back foot to Andrew Psyk to make it 13-7

Second half, it's a 20-7 deficit for George Ranch when Hymond Drinkard goes 9 yards up the middle to make it 20-14.

Ridge Point would then dominate. Check out Terrence Howard on the blitz.....LOOK OUT!!!!....big time sack.

and the Panthers would score 24 unanswered. Here's Emanuel Junior to Marvin Session for a 33 yard score. Ridge Point clinches a playoff spot with a 44-14 win.