Cy Woods vs Langham Creek - 2021 Week 7 Football Highlights

Langham Creek and Cy Woods both battling for a playoff spot in 16-6A

2nd quarter, Lobos down 3-0, Tanner Murray's pocket collapse so he takes off for the pilon and the score. They would miss the 2 point conversion and it's 6-3.

Next drive, Murray finds Alejandro Vazquez across the middle and Vazquez advances it 42 yards to the 10 yard line where the Lobos would later score to go up 13-3.

But here comes Cy Woods. Javarion Stewart on the end around and he'll take it 20 yards to the 10 yard line where the Wildcats would later score to cut the lead to 13-10.

3rd quarter, Wildcats down 16-10 and quarterback Trey Craft goes 5 yards to the pilon, takes a huge hit, but gets the big time score putting Cy Woods up a point.

Later, Dylan Rogers steps in front of the Murray pass for the pick. Huge win for Cy Woods as they take this one 17-16.