Cy Park at Cy Woods - 2021 Week 9 Football Highlights

Cy Woods was not phased at Cy Park's unblemished record as they matched up last night.

Just over 2 minutes into the game, Cy Woods takes the lead. Trey Craft throws 44 yard touchdown pass to Phillip White and the Wildcats are off and running 7-0.

But the ensuing kickoff is received by Ryan Rasco at the 11 yard line and he takes it right up the field and then cuts to the left sideline while out running everyone. That's an 89 yard answer by the Tigers and they have it tied at 7.

If you like big plays, how about this one. Craft thinks he has a man open, but no.......that's Harold Perkins with the pick at the 5 yard line. Perkins treats that ball like an unwanted Christmas gift....HE'S TAKING IT BACK....95 yards to the house and the Tigers are up 17-8 in the 2nd quarter.

The Wildcats would then go on a 10 play 71 yard drive capped off by this Craft 1 yard touchdown run, but they would still trail 24-22 at the break.

Third quarter, Cy Woods takes the lead as Craft goes to White again. This time its a 10 yard score as the Wildcats hand Cy Park their first loss of the season, 42-37.