Clear Springs vs Clear Lake - 2021 Week 6 Football Highlights

District opener for Clear Springs as they took on Clear Lake

First quarter, how about Falcon quarterback Tyler Durst. 3 Chargers look like they are going to smash for a sack, but NO Sir.....Durst avoids them all and breaks down the sideline, gets to the 10 and cuts back to score on a 73 yarder. 7-0 Clear Lake

Tie score in the first, Clear Springs gives it to Chi-Shaun Edwards who breaks through 2 tackles, puts his hand in the ground to keep his balance and is off to the races. 40 yard score to put the Chargers up 13-7.

Second half, more Edwards, this time his o-line blows open a huge hole and he goes 25 yards for the touchdown. Clear Springs defeats Clear Lake for the 13th straight year, 47-21.