Bridgeland vs Cy Woods - 2021 Week 6 Football Highlights

Wildcats knew if they wanted to pull off the upset, they needed a good start.

And that's exactly what they got as Connor Morris takes the handoff at the Wildcat 35 and he's out of here. Just needed that little hole and he just broke away. Cy Woods led 7-0. But, then the Bears took over

Conner Weigman with the quick pass to Johnathan Nelson and Nelson makes some sweet moves and breaks it 52 yards for the score while giving our cameraman a little point.

2nd quarter, Nelson cuts out the middle man and lines up in the Wildcat, takes the snap and breaks it 36 yards for a touchdown. Making sure our cameraman got that one too.

And how about this one. Weigman passes to Oscar Nnanna (Na-na) who catches it and flips it back to Nelson who looks for our cameraman once again. What a play and Bridgeland takes this one 41-14.