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Boerne Champion vs El Campo - 2021 Week 5 Football Highlights

W-W-E superstar Goldberg on hand at Boerne (bernie) Champion to watch his son play El Campo, but it was the Ricebirds Ruben Owens who said ""YOU'RE NEXT"" (apparently this is goldberg's catch phrase)

Owens in the Wildcat formation in the first and he hands off to D K Ward who takes off on a 68 yard run through the sun. 7-0 Ricebirds

But the rest of the night belonged to Owens, the running back. Here's a 12 yard run to put El Campo up 14-0.

Later, Owens decides he wants to go for a longer run. Champion defenders just can't get a grasp on him and Owens goes 58 yards for yet another score. 20-0 Ricebirds.

Last touchdown was power, how about a little speed from Owens as he takes the pitch and goes 44 yards on 4th and 1 for the score. 229 yards in the FIRST HALF for the junior

He would cap it off with this nifty 32 yard touchdown run as he makes numerous defenders miss. Ruben Owens rushed for 324 yards and 4 touchdowns and got a pick on defense as El Campo wins it 55-10