The Woodlands College Park at The Woodlands - 2021 Week 11 Football Highlights

Huge rivalry game at Woodforest Stadium as The Woodlands took on College Park
The Cavaliers would take the halftime lead when quarterback Ty Buckmon keeps it himself for the 8 yard touchdown run and a 14-10 College Park lead.
A completely different story in the second half. Check out sophomore quarterback Mabry Mettauer (Met-tower) with the sensational hurdle....would make LoLo Jones proud. That gave the Highlanders a 17-14 lead.
Then Mettauer goes deep to a diving Jason Williams and a 40 yard gain. Wow, what a catch.
That sets up, JoBarre (Jo Bear) Reed with a 15 yard run up the middle and he does a somersault over a defender into the end zone. The Woodlands scored 35 straight points to beat College Park 45-14.