Summer Creek vs Katy Cinco Ranch - 2021 Week 14 Football Highlights

Cinco Ranch taking on Summer Creek at the University of Houston.

How about this for the first play of the game. Cougars Seth Severino fields it....fakes the reverse and then heads for the sidelines and look at the can't take a kickoff back for 6 without excellent blocking and Severion gets it from everyone. Almost gets Leon Lett'd at the end, but thats a 95 yard touchdown. 7-0 Cinco Ranch.

Bulldogs first possession and Torry Curry leaps over a couple defenders and scores on the 13 yard run.

Later first, Summer Creek goes back to Curry and you will not bring him down at the ankles....look at him break through multiple tackles for a 40 yard touchdown. Summer Creek up 14-7.

2nd quarter, the hand off goes to Lloyd Avant and again, the Cougars miss a couple chances of bringing him down. Another 40 yard score and Summer Creek goes on to the 62-41 win and their reward....the Katy Tigers next week.