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Spring Dekaney vs Bridgeland - 2020 Week 17 Highlights

What a game Thursday night between Spring Dekaney and Bridgeland.

Bears go up 14-0 when Connor Weigman (Wig-man) goes 7 yards to Dylan Goffney who shows his juggling skills but corrals it for the score. Bridgeland led 21-17 at half.

But how about the Wildcats. They were an underdog coming in, but definitely did play like one. Dillon Williams lofts one to Jonah Wilson who brings it down, steps out of a tackle and is gone 83 yards and the Wildcats lead 24-21.

Then in the 4th, down 4, Williams hits Var'kees Gumms inside the pilon for a touchdown. He are heading to overtime tied at 31.

In the first overtime, Wigman takes it in from the 2 to put the Bears up by a score.

Dekaney gets their shot and there goes Williams from the 5 to tie it up. This game would go into a 4th overtime.

After Wildcats kick a field goal, Bridgeland gets their turn and Wigman throws to Goffney across the middle, and the S-M-U recruit cuts across the field for the walk off touchdown. What a game. Bears advance to the next round with the 47-44 victory.