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Bridgeland at Cy Ranch - 2020 Week 9 Highlights

Huge 16-6A game Thursday night as Bridgeland took on Cy Ranch

First drive of the night, Connor wig-man looks to pass from the 8, but it was so much easier to jog it to the end zone himself. 7-0 Bears.

Second quarter, up 14-0, Wig-man from the 7 throws a quick pass to Atrevion (Ah-trey-vee-on) Hunter and lets his receiver do the rest. Hunter takes it all the way right for the touchdown and Bridgeland was rolling 24-0 at the half.

Second half, Cy Ranch was tired of getting pushed around. D J Sears drops back and gets the Mustangs on the board with this great touchdown pass to Dylan Caddle. 24-7 Bridgeland.

The Bears defense and special teams carried them through this one. Mustangs punting and the snap is not on point. Bears all over the punter who has to take a safety. Bridgeland goes to 5-0 with the 29-17 victory.