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Bellville vs Hardin-Jefferson - 2020 Week 12 Highlights

Bellville took on Hardin Jefferson in a bi district game, but we could probably call this one the Richard Reese Show

The junior tailback simply WENT OFF!!!!! Already up 13-0 in the 2nd, Bray-mas go misdirection with Reese and he takes off for a 25 yard touchdown. 20-0.

Still 2nd quarter, watch Reese again. Takes the handoff, cuts back, after picking up a few yards, he cuts back again and that's a 53 yard touchdown run to put Bellville up 27-3.

3rd quarter, Reese continues his domination. This is a 61 yard touchdown run. Ya know, Reese only got the ball 12 times, but he rushed for 266 yards and 6 touchdowns as the Bray-mas advance in the post season with the 41-10 win