Inside High School Sports Houston | Rueben Owens is the Most Sought…

Rueben Owens is the Most Sought After Running Back in the Nation for the Class of 2023

Rueben Owens is most definitely different. On the gridiron, the junior back can do just about anything. He finished his 2021 campaign 11 yards short of 3 THOUSAND YARDS RUSHING!!! Rueben also made 48 house calls as the Ricebirds finished 11-2 on the season. First year Head Coach, Chad Worrell (one syllable) knew he had inherited a one in a million talent, but even he couldn’t believe the things Big Rub could do.

During the season, Owens got around 15 to 16 carries per game as many El Campo games got out of hand early. However, the limited carries would keep Rueben’s legs fresh for the playoffs as his workload increased. The Ricebirds may have known what was coming, but they still couldn’t stop it. Critics say he’s doing this against 4-A competition….that if he played in 6-A it would be a different story. Worrell scoffs at those comments

Owens already has 5,308 yards and 79 touchdowns in his Ricebird career. People all over the state and the nation for that matter, tell him on a daily basis how great he is. But those words go in one ear and out the other as Rueben is about as humble as they come.