East Bernard's Power Lifting Teams is One of the Best in the State

Most feel that high school power lifting is something to do to get you in top physical shape for football season. And for many athletes, that’s the case. But not for all of them Take East Bernard’s Jay Galvan. It took some convincing, but Galvan finally focused his attention to power lifting. And now he’s a 2 time state qualifier. Jay loves to lift so much, he uses football to get to power lifting.

What makes a good power lifter is what they put into the sport. At East Bernard, they pride themselves on giving it their all each and every workout.

The Bray-mas find pride in getting new personal records on a weekly basis, but a couple weeks ago, they found a new reason to feel proud. They competed against a 5-A and 6-A teams in a recent meet…..and won.

Although setting new personal records has been the driving force behind this team, there is one more motivating factor. Their head coach, Pat Reinecke (Ray-neck-ee), has been there for them every step of the way and for that, they will continue to strive for the best.