Bridgeland Proving They Are More Than A One Man Team

Bridgeland High School has only been around since 2017, but after not making the post season their first year, the Bears have found major success on the gridiron. They are 31-6 in the past 3 years and now, in 2021, have made it further in the postseason than any football team in the schools short history. It all starts with Head Coach Dave Raffield’s master plan he implemented 4 years ago
A good portion of the Bears success the past couple years has been accredited to the right arm of 5-star recruit Conner Weigman. He’s the number one dual threat quarterback in the state and threw for just under 23 hundred yards and 27 touchdowns through 10 games. It’s not only his play on the field, but his leadership that helped lead the Bears into the regional finals.

Last week against Cedar Hill, Weigman took a vicious hit after scoring a touchdown and had to leave the game. The concussion kept his status for the regional final up in the air for most of the week. Weigman had missed two regular season games due to injury and the Bears lost them both leaving the critics wondering what kind of a chance Bridgeland would have this week. However, as a unit, the players and coaches are quick to point out that this team is much more than “Conner and the Bears”.