Richmond Foster at Rosenberg Terry - 2022 Week 3 Houston High School Football Highlights

Richmond Foster taking on Rosenberg Terry as both teams were undefeated heading into this one.

First quarter, J T Fayard with the 16 yard touchdown pass to Dylan Apponey for a 17 yard score. 7-0 Falcons.

The story of this one was the Foster defense. Terry's Jason Cruz is picked off by Christopher Gore who rustles around for a short gain and he's pretty excited. Give this man his flowers, will you?

That would set up Ashton Ojaiku (Oh- JOCK-KU) for the 12 yard touchdown. 21-0 Foster at the break.

Second half, and how about more Ojaiku....this time Addison Ojaiku breaking through the line and getting a tackle for a loss as Foster will get this week's defensive title belt.

And if you haven't had enough Ojaiku, here's Ashton again....41 yards for the score. 24 carries for 287 yards and 4 scores for Ashton as Foster wins 41-0.