Houston Madison vs Houston Waltrip - 2022 Week 7 Houston High School Football Highlights

Waltrip went into their game with Madison at 4-1, but haven't beaten the Marlins in 3 years.

First quarter, Waltrip already up 7-0. Alberto Ramirez goes 17 yards to Shaun Crawford. Rams up 14-0.

Waltrip's defense has been unstoppable in district play and it was again Thursday. Madison finally gets a little bit of yardage but the ball is stripped and Crawford falls on it. The Rams would keep Madison scoreless and earn our defensive title belt this week.

Meanwhile, play of the game. Marlins with a long punt and Jaylen Middleton watches it roll and then he says "what the heck, let me pick it up.".....Good decision, because 86 yards later, Middleton is in the end zone for a backbreaking touchdown. Rams would lead 31-0 and go on to the 45-0 victory over Madison.