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Pearland at Pearland Dawson - 2021 Week 11 Football Highlights

It's the Pear Bowl between Pearland and Dawson. The Eagles have won 4 of the last 5 meetings.
And they started off pretty good Thursday night as well. Colin Johnson goes to Ryan Guillo (Guy-ay-oh) for a 25 yard touchdown pass. Dawson leads 10-0.
Oilers come back. Jake Sock rolling....rolling and sees Christian Pitts who somehow gets a toe down in the back of the end zone. Pearland down 13-12 at the half.
3rd quarter, Oilers take the lead. Sock throws a rainbow to Izeal Jones for a 43 yard score. Pearland up 18-13.
4th quarter, Sock with the play action and then throws it to Aiden Glasper who's defender falls down. That's a 78 yard touchdown pass play as the Oilers take the Pear Bowl 25-23. Both teams have post season appointments.