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North Shore vs Pearland Dawson - 2020 Week 17 Highlights

The 2020 Pearland Dawson team was only 2nd Eagle team to go undefeated in the regular season but North Shore could've cared less.

First drive of the game, The Mustangs Dematrious Davis on the quarterback keeper for a 8 yard touchdown

Dawson, looking for a big play, but Colin Johnson's pass is tipped and picked by Jacoby Davis and Davis turns that pick into points as he races 59 yards the other way for a score. 14-0 North Shore leads.

Second quarter, Davis fires one across the middle to Jaylin Bailey who knifes through the Eagle defense for a 55 yard score. Mustangs led 24-0 at half and would go on to the 38-7 win.