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Manvel vs Fort Bend Hightower - 2021 Week 14 Football Highlights

Hightower beat Manvel in district play, but the two matched up for a regional semifinal

2nd quarter, game tied at 7 and the handoff goes to Jeremy Payne. He goes up the middle and breaks a few tackles then heads to the sidelines. A couple of Mavericks have a bead on him but they can't push him out of bounds and Payne scores on the 92 yard run. 14-7 Hurricanes

Manvel would tie it up going into the half. Kaeden Smith drops back, but has no intention of passing. He's running this one. 22 yards for his 2nd rushing td of the night. 14-14 at half.

3rd quarter, down 21-14. Kendron Penson steps up in the pocket and just throws one up for Caleb Douglas who just takes it away from the defender and jogs in for the tying score. 21-21.

4th quarter, Hightower up 3, Penson rolls to his right and throws back to Alijah Jones for the 9 yard touchdown. Hightower beats Manvel again, 31-21, and will face the winner of our next game.