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Katy vs Austin Westlake - 2021 Week 16 Football Game of the Week

Gary Joseph's Katy Tigers are rarely an underdog, but against Clemson bound Cade Klubnik and Westlake they most certainly were this afternoon

First quarter ,The Chapperals strike first. Jackson Kayser with a 48 yard touchdown run through the Tiger defense....7-0 Chaps.

Still first. Klubnik goes 38 yards to Pierce Turner who makes the great touchdown catch and you kinda knew what was coming.

Westlake was up 31-0 late 2nd when Katy finally gets a highlight. Caleb Koger goes deep to Nic Anderson who catches it between his legs. Unfortunately it led to nothing and they trailed 31-0 at the half

3rd quarter, Klubnik just torching the Tiger defense. Fakes the handoff and goes to Jaden Greathouse who makes a great catch for 6. 38-0.

But give Katy credit. They never gave up. Koger finds Anderson in the middle of the field and the Oklahoma recruit breaks some tackles for a 55 yard touchdown.

Then in the 4th, Koger to Anderson for a 31 yard touchdown. But it wasn't nearly enough as Katy falls 45-14.