Cy Park at Cy Ranch - 2021 Week 10 Football Game of the Week

What a wild game this was as the Tigers and Mustangs would light up the scoreboard

First quarter, up 7-0, Cy Park gives it to Cameron King who would spin out of a tackle and then use his speed for a 36 yard touchdown to put the Tigers up 14-0 after a quarter.

First play of the second quarter, Cy Ranch's Blake Barker goes deep to Jarred Sample who makes the catch and then kicks it into overdrive for the 65 yard touchdown, but they would trail 29-13 at the half.

Second half, here comes the fireworks. Cy Park up 29-21, and Harold Perkins gets the ball, but he fumbles it and Jaylon Holland has the easy scoop and score. That's a 55 yard return and with the 2 point conversion, it's tied at 29.

First play of next drive, Perkins makes up for the turnover in a HUUUGGEE way.....he gets to the corner and he's out of here. That's an 81 yard touchdown run to get the Tigers the lead back, 36-29.

After Mustangs recover an on sides kick attempt, the first play of the NEXT drive and Barker, who threw for 341 yards, goes to a wide open Sample for a 30 yard touchdown and it's 36-36.

This game was all gas and no brakes. Edward Dixon rolls out and throws it 40 yards to King, who's defender falls down....King strolls in the end zone and Cy Park sits all alone atop 16-6A with the 50-43 victory.