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Katy Jordan Tennis Heads to State in Only Year 2 of Existence

No seniors and 6 freshmen playing at the top level in 5A. That’s what the Katy Jordan tennis team put out on the court each week during the team tennis season. The result...a 20-2 season and a trip to state. Pretty unbelievable for school in only it’s second year.

The Warriors entered the season with no bad habits and plenty of depth. In year one of the program, they surprised themselves by making it to the Regional quarterfinals which led to a confident team in year two. Coach Tyler Esterline found that the very balanced Jordan team made it easier to pick up points later in matches.

Probably the biggest factor in the Warriors success was the support each player gave to another. Tennis is known as an individual sport, but at Jordan, despite sometimes being alone on the court you always felt the encouragement from your teammates.

Jordan ran into a buzzsaw named Highland Park at state. The Scots had been to 33 state tournaments including 19 in a row and would go on to win state this year as well. However, it doesn’t take away from the great season the Warriors had and the potential of great years to come as they move to 6A.