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Deer Park's Teague Sedtal Waited 3 Years for His Time To Shine

To say Deer Park’s offense is rolling this year would most certainly be an understatement. The Deer are averaging 7 touchdowns a game heading into the meat of their schedule. Undefeated in district play coming into this week, Deer Park have lofty dreams that every player feels are attainable

A lot of their aspirations have come from their captain who had big dreams himself walking onto the Deer Park campus as a freshman. 4 years ago, Quarterback Teague Sedtal (Said-ul) had just finished up his brilliant middle school career and was competing to be the Deer’s starting signal caller for the next four years. He had thoroughly impressed his new head coach, Austin Flynn, and just when everything was looking up…..fate took over

A torn A-C-L was a devastating blow to a young Sedtal. It would mean a year of rehabilitation and hopefully another opportunity to compete for the starting job as a sophomore.

Teague’s hopes of being the Deer Park starter for all 4 years of high school had turned into rehab and 2 years of being a back up. For many high school athletes, that might have been a sign to give up. To just say it wasn’t in the cards. But Sedtal never let the injuries and circumstances discourage him.

Now, as a senior, Sedtal is the Deer’s starting quarterback and team captain. Through the first 6 games he’s thrown for 1,098 yards and 17 touchdowns with just one pick. Sedtal has seized his opportunity and has run with it.

Teague also has handled his business in the class room as well as he is a straight A student. Despite being a 1 year starter, Sedtal feels he can be a college quarterback and won’t find too many people doubting him either.