Humble Summer Creek at Galena Park North Shore - 2021 Basketball Highlights

North Shore girls looking to upset 3rd ranked Summer Creek Tuesday night.

We pick this up in the 3rd quarter of a low scoring game. Atria (Uh-tree-uh) Dumas (Doo-mus) with the pump fake and goes up strong for 2. Mustangs still trailed by 1.

On the other end, Mia Thomas hits 1 of her 5 3 pointers and Summer Creek is up 31-27.

2 minutes left, North Shore up one and Dumas gets the bucket and foul putting the Mustangs up 52-49.

1:45 left down 1, Bulldogs get the huge steal by Anahlynn (Anna Lynn) Murray who passe up court to Kaitlyn Duhon for the go ahead bucket. 53-52 Summer Creek.

4 seconds left, North Shore down 1, but Mackenzie Paul misses both free throws and Summer Creek hangs on to the 55-54 victory.