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Houston Christian vs Kinkaid School - Girls 2022 Basketball Highlights

The top ranked and undefeated Houston Christian girls taking on the Kinkaid School in a S-P-C semifinal friday night.

The Mustangs had fun early. Madison Williams with the quick trigger from beyond the arc. It's good.

Then, the ball is loose, it seems like everyone gets on the floor to get this one. Finally scooped up by the Mustangs who push it up to Loghan Johnson for the basket and the foul. Houston Christian up big, 25-7.

Falcons trying to stay close. Jasmyn Williams finally gets an easy deuce under the basket as Kinkaid would get under double digits.

But Houston Christian would keep running. Jalayah Williams with the nifty pass to Johnson for the basket. Mustangs head to the finals undefeated as they beat Kinkaid 67-57.