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Cy Creek vs Fort Bend Dulles - Girls 2022 Basketball Highlights

Cy Creek girls taking on Fort Bend Dulles in a second round matchup.

Lady Vikings hitting from long range in this one. First it's Dai Dai (day day) Powell from 3 point land.

Then Nya Threatt in the corner. Dulles races out to a 10-0 lead.

Cougars try the inside game and Jazmyn Jackson uses the glass for 2. Cy Creek still trailed 27-20 at the half.

Threatt lead Dulles with 21 points. Watch as her eyes are glued to the basket on this baseline runner.

Then it's Powell juking her defender at the top of the key and swooping in for the layup. Dulles forces 25 turnovers and advances with the 55-42 win.