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Houston Yates at Houston Kashmere - 2021 Week 11 Football Highlights

The Lions would have their hands full as Kashmere could create a 3 way tie for that last spot with a win themselves.

And what a game it was, first quarter, Yates up a point and the Ram defense blows through the line looking to blow up the play but Demario Albert runs past them all on his way to a 36 yard touchdown. Lions up 15-6.

They would lead 20-6 and were driving to score until Randy Masters pass is read perfectly by Stilton McKelvey and as if Mama's calling him for dinner, McKelvey is heading to the house. That's a 90 yard pick 6 and Kashmere is down only 20-12 at the half.

In the fourth, Rams down a touchdown, Delvion Fleeks throws a short pass to Jeremiah Antoine and the senior picks up some blocks on the sidelines and thats a 53 yard touchdown to tie the game at 26. We're going overtime

Kashmere's ball first. Fleeks goes to McKelvey for a 17 yard score to put the Rams up 6.

Yates turn, 4th down from the 6, but Roderick Brown is sacked giving Kashmere the 32-26 win and causing a 3 way tie for the final playoff spot.