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Houston Kinkaid at Houston Christian girls - 2021 Basketball Highlights

The #1 TAPPS team in the state, Houston Christian, hosting Kinkaid

Second quarter, Kinkaid's Colby Davis gets it inside to Braeden Arkless for the basket off glass.

But the Mustangs were just too tough on this night. Watch the beautiful tip pass from Jaycee Ingram to D'Asia Thomas. Mustangs cruising 45-24.

Just before the half. Houston Christian causes the turnover and Ingram is waiting on the other end to put the ball in the bucket. Mustangs led 49-26 at the break.

3rd quarter, a beautiful pick pocket by Loghan Johnson and she's off to the races for the sweet layup. Houston Christian remains undefeated with the 81-57 victory.